Introducing: Easy-To-Use Smart Technology for Elder Care

With the Ability to Verify Superior Care & Safety


Who is HoneyCo?

We’re HoneyCo. It’s our mission to improve the level of care and safety of aging adults. We do this by designing easy-to-use technology. Specifically for the elder care industry and families of older adults. Aging in place can be safer and more comfortable with the help of our technology platforms. 

Our products check and report on professional care visits and daily in-home safety. With HoneyCo, home care providers and families can work together. Let’s ensure older adults are safe and receive the care they deserve.  

For Care Providers
HoneyCo Check

As a care company owner, you want to ensure your staff is delivering high-quality care. But, you can’t check in on every visit. Until now.

HoneyCo Check provides real-time reporting. You’ll know your staff’s activities during each care visit. You’ll receive vital information to manage and supervise from any location or device.

With HoneyCo Check, no more guessing. You’ll know how your caregivers are performing – instantly. 

For Families
HoneyCo Connect

When you have an elderly relative or friend living alone, it can be stressful. You want to support their independence – but you still worry constantly.

With HoneyCo Connect, you can now receive 24/7 insights and proactive alerts. Stay connected  with what’s happening, and keep your loved one safe at home. You’ll even have the ability to track professional care visits.

Have confidence in your loved one’s decision to age in place, with HoneyCo.


Whether you’re a home care provider, family member, or friend we can help.

HoneyCo Products

Introducing: HoneyCo Check

HoneyCo Check is the first caregiver supervision product. We built it right into the Amazon Echo. 

With HoneyCo Check, caregivers record arrival and departure times. They also log care services in real-time. No need to use the client’s phone ever again.

Each visit produces an individual report. That simplifies long-term care insurance reimbursement. It also provides managerial insights into every care visit.  

HoneyCo Connect

HoneyCo Connect keeps families in touch regardless of their distance. We help keep your loved one safe in their home, and you notified of any changes.

First, we place a series of sensors throughout the home. These are not cameras. They only detect movement – similar to what security companies use. 

Through these sensors, HoneyCo Connect can detect unusual movement patterns. For example, your mom got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, but she never left the bathroom. Or, it’s 11:00 am, and Dad still isn’t out of bed.

In the two examples above, HoneyCo Connect would have notified you instantly on your cell phone.


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