What’s New With Amazon’s Echo?

Since its launch, Amazon’s Echo has changed how we interact in our homes, helping make day-to-day tasks automated and more accessible. Over the years, Alexa has become everyone’s favorite digital sidekick, with people even referring to her as “part of the family.” She is there for us when we want to listen to music, brighten our days with a joke, share the most up to date weather report, and even turn on and off lights, lock doors and adjust thermostats (just to name a few). Recently, Amazon announced several new features to Echo that will only help further streamline our daily routines.

At HoneyCo, we are constantly exploring the latest in smart home technology so that we can provide the most helpful and relevant devices to our clients. Here are several recently added features that we are excited about at HoneyCo:

Calling, Messaging & Drop In: Now we can ask Alexa to call and message friends and family. However, whoever we’re contacting must also have the Alexa App installed on a smartphone or own a compatible Echo device. With the use of the Echo Show and the Alexa App, we can also speak with loved ones using video capabilities, and even connect quickly with the Drop In feature.

Setting Reminders: We live in a fast-paced world, and we all find ourselves forgetting certain items on our to-do list. Now, Echo can help us easily set specific reminders so that nothing slips through the cracks. Need to remember to pick up the dry cleaning before a trip, pay a bill before its due date, or join a last minute conference call? Just tell Alexa to set a reminder!

Naming Timers: We can now use Echo to set multiple timers specifically by name so that they can run simultaneously without any confusion. Want to use different timers for exercising, cooking, and studying all at the same time? Just tell Alexa to set a timer for each, and she’ll let you know when each one is up.

While voice control devices such as the Echo can certainly make everyday responsibilities easier for people of all ages, they can be particularly impactful to the large number of aging adults choosing to live independently in their homes. For example, consider the person who may need a reminder now and then, who can now ask Alexa to set specific reminders to take a medication (it is worth mentioning that at this time Alexa cannot set recurring reminders), schedule a doctor’s appointment, and call a grandchild, all while also being alerted when dinner is ready.

At HoneyCo, we’re excited for what the future of Echo holds, and to continue exploring how we can integrate it into our system to bring value to older adults wanting to live independently.

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