Don't Worry. KNOW Your Loved One is Safe.

HoneyCo Connect keeps families connected regardless of distance. We help keep your loved one safe at home, and you notified of any changes.

See How Peace of Mind Works

Step 1

First, we place a series of sensors in and around the home. These are not cameras, and only detect motion.  

Through these sensors, HoneyCo Connect can detect unusual movement patterns.

For example, Your mom got up in the night to go to the bathroom. But she never left the bathroom.

Step 2

Next, we personalize your system to work with your loved one’s routine and your concerns.

For example, Dad gets up every morning at 6:00 am sharp.

If everything is normal, you can continue about your day.

If he is late getting up, onto step 3.  

Step 3

In the case of an unusual or concerning event, HoneyCo Connect is there for you.

For example, if Mom doesn’t leave the bathroom after a certain amount of time, or if Dad is late getting up.

You’d be notified immediately.

That’s how peace of mind works. 

Have Confidence Your Loved One is Safe

Important Automated Alerts

We work with you to set up a custom alert plan inside and around the home. Your HoneyCo Connect system works with your loved one’s routine and your concerns.

Smart Home Functionality

Increase safety and peace of mind. HoneyCo Connect provides automated lighting, door locks, and even stove shutoffs. You’ll have access to all settings and controls from one intuitive platform. 

No more wondering, 

“Did Dad turn off the burner?”

“Did Mom lock all the doors?”

Custom Response Plan

Configure who you want to receive alerts and in what order. You’re in control. 

And most important, your loved one is happy they can remain at home.


Give Your Loved One the Gift of Aging in Place