How To Choose The Right Smart Technology For Your Home

There’s a smart home device for just about everything these days. Whether you’re looking to incorporate something as complex as a refrigerator that manages inventory and creates grocery lists, or something a bit more simple such as a pill box that prompts medication reminders, there are countless appliances and devices designed to make day-to-day tasks automated and easier.

Where do you even begin deciding on the right smart home solution for your needs? With so many new devices on the market today, it can be difficult and overwhelming trying to identify the most purposeful technology, and sort the impractical from the more meaningful.

If you want to introduce smart technology into your home, you should first identify the issues at hand, and then choose the devices that can help solve them. For example, if you are an older adult, smart home technology can begin to address many of the common concerns you might face if you are choosing to remain in your home as you grow older.

Let’s start by examining some of these familiar concerns, and identify the smart home solutions that can begin to remove the obstacles that might prevent you from aging in place.

  • Limited Mobility: Simple, everyday tasks in and around the home can be challenging if you have limited mobility. Smart home automation hubs can automate some of your daily household routines, allowing you to continue about your day more seamlessly and effortlessly. Voice controlled devices can assist with managing door locks, light switches, and much more, making common household items that may have once been out of reach, accessible from wherever you are.
  • Missed Medications: Missing medication is a serious concern and can ultimately result in adverse effects. Incorporating a smart medication reminder into your routine can let you know when it’s time to take your medicine throughout the day. Additionally, if for whatever reason you miss a scheduled medication time, notifications can alert you, and others who might also need to know, of the missed medication so that it can be remedied quickly.
  • Staying Connected: Families are no longer living on the same street, in the same city, or even in the same state. If you live far away from loved ones, a voice intercom system in the home can make communicating simple and easy, so you never miss out on those special family moments.

How To Turn Your Smart House Into A Safer Home

While smart devices such as these can address specific needs, when working alone they only improve certain interactions inside the home, and are not a standalone solution for aging in place. HoneyCo’s software, known as The Internet of Caring Things or IoCT, not only utilizes the functionality of these smart home devices for everyday tasks, but also takes it a step further by analyzing the data from the devices to determine if there is abnormal activity in the home, specific to the resident’s personal safety. Should something concerning arise, HoneyCo will alert residents and caregivers so that all parties may respond quickly and appropriately. This results in faster response times, and peace of mind for all.

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