How Baby Boomers Are Changing The Way We Age

Baby Boomers have long been a driving force for change in America. In each life-stage they’ve passed through they’ve demanded more than the generation before them, transforming social and economic norms. When they finished high school, new colleges and universities were built to accommodate them. When they started having children, the baby industry exploded.

Now, Baby Boomers are redefining how we age:

  • Living Independently: With the average life expectancy continuing to rise, Baby Boomers are choosing where and how they want to spend their golden years. Where previous generations may have had to leave the comfort of their homes to receive care, Baby Boomers have a strong preference for living independently. In fact, according to the AARP, nearly 90% of seniors plan to stay in their homes. Baby Boomers are embracing and preparing homes so that they can continue to pursue the lifestyle that they desire.
  • Redefining Retirement: Baby Boomers reject the outdated concept that one must immediately retire from the workforce as soon as he or she reaches a specific age. Instead, they are choosing to continue working full-time in a job that fulfills them, or are taking up flexible work, volunteering, continuing education, or pursuing new hobbies.
  • Embracing Innovation: Rather than shying away from technology, Baby Boomers are instead adopting it. This generation understands the benefits that new technologies can bring to their lives and wants to integrate it into their daily routine, especially when it comes to smart technology and the ways it simplifies interactions. Additionally, Boomers are the first generation to have access to the resources that can make their home a long-term option as they age. By utilizing software such as HoneyCo’s Internet of Caring Things, Boomers can feel confident that they can live independently throughout their golden years wherever they choose to do so.

Baby Boomers will continue to redefine the way people grow older. These new ideas surrounding aging and retirement are trails to be blazed, but who better to lead this movement than the generation that’s known for changing it all?

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