HoneyCo’s Smart Home Picks…For Now

It’s not uncommon to feel puzzled and overwhelmed when considering whether to introduce smart technology into your home. We discussed in ‘How To Choose The Right Smart Technology For Your Home,’ how it’s best to first identify the issues and then choose the devices that will help solve them, but how do you sift through all of the devices that are out there?

There are countless products available in each category, and picking one that’s best for your unique needs can be a daunting task. At HoneyCo, we have dedicated many, many months of research, which continues to this day. We’d like to help eliminate some of that search cost for you by sharing several smart home devices that we recommend, especially if you, or someone you love, is exploring how smart home technology can help address specific challenges surrounding aging in place.

  • Video Intercom System: If you’re looking for a device that helps you check-in with a loved one without physically needing to visit the residence, consider Nucleus. Our favorite feature on Nucleus is its ability to automatically answer a call. This can be especially helpful if someone is in an emergency situation and cannot make it to the phone.
  • Thermostat: There are a lot of fancy smart thermostats out there today, but we have landed on the Go Control Smart Thermostat. You can’t beat the price, and it still gives you the freedom to control it from wherever you are, even by using your voice.
  • Voice Controlled Appliance: Speaking of using your voice, the Amazon Echo is an excellent device that can make simple tasks in and around the home more accessible simply by using voice commands. We find this particularly useful for those with limited mobility, who may have difficulty controlling certain devices. Read about several new capabilities in ‘What’s New With Amazon’s Echo?’
  • Automated Door Lock: Whether you’ve left your home and forgotten to lock the door, or should a caregiver need to get into the house in the case of an emergency, automated door locks can be incredibly impactful. We recommend using the Kwikset smart locks. Not only are they simple to install, but they also come in a variety of finishes and styles to match your existing hardware.
  • Light Bulb: We are still on the fence about the practicality of smart light bulbs, as it is sometimes easier to simply adjust lighting manually rather than with your phone. However, out of the brands we have tried, based off of price and ease of pairing, we suggest using LinearLinc Bulbz. They also come in handy if you are interested in controlling your lights with your voice, as they can pair with the Echo as well.

At HoneyCo, our technology solution is hardware agnostic, which means it is not married to any one device. We have chosen to operate this way because it gives us the opportunity to constantly review and test hundreds of devices so that we can deliver the best-in-class hardware for our clients and their homes. If a newer, better smart home tech option enters the market, we can swap it out as needed. And while these are our picks of today, they may change by tomorrow, so stay tuned as we keep reviewing and researching!

Visit the www.honeyco.com today to see how devices such as these are being utilized through the HoneyCo app to provide caregivers and families a connected solution to aging in place.

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