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Close More Clients

How do you close more clients? By offering them something they desperately need and can’t find with other providers. Adding HoneyCo Check to your business shows superior senior care is your priority. 

Retain Your Best Staff

With HoneyCo Check good, hard-working staff stand out. And, by recognizing and rewarding them, you’ll maintain your valuable team. You’ll also get rid of slackers without a second thought. Plus, morale and profits will increase. 

Simple Accountability

What a concept. HoneyCo Check provides you the business owner with a simple solution to manage and assess caregiver performance. You’ll be confident your team is delivering reliable care at every visit.

You’ll enjoy our easy-to-read real-time reports showing:

– Arrival and Departure Times

– Services Delivered

– Services Neglected

HoneyCo Check flags any unusual indicators, so they never go unnoticed. 

And most importantly, you’ll improve your communication with families. You’ll be able to share care visit notes and reports instantly. Relatives and friends will feel secure knowing their loved one is safe and well cared for.

Increased transparency results in increased trust. 

We Gained Their Trust

"At Comfort Keepers we are constantly looking for new technology and ways to provide transparency to our clients and their loved ones. After working with HoneyCo for nearly a year, we have continued to have a positive experience. HoneyCo supplements our caregiving services excellently by adding a cost effective level of security."

Steve Nichols Nashville Franchise Owner


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