Ageless Mistakes

Before moving to Manhattan, I had never tasted knish. My small hometown didn’t have the culinary variety of the Big Apple, and I was taken with their deep fried and pillowy potato fillings. One day I popped a leftover knish in the oven, and immediately forgot about it, realizing I was late to meet a friend in Brooklyn. On the subway, I remembered the little nugget and imagined my apartment building as a smoldering pile of rubble. I hopped off at the next stop and called my superintendent in a panic. He kindly entered my apartment to pull the burnt, smoking knish out of the oven. I was 32 years old.

Regardless of age, we all make mistakes like this, and I’m guilty of them more than I’d like to admit. Still, embarrassment aside, I quickly forget about them. No one has ever threatened to terminate my lease, suggested that I get my memory checked, or questioned my ability to live independently. I wonder how forgiving those around me would be if I were a few decades older and lived alone.

Everyone makes mistakes. Society’s reflex is to pity the 75-year-old for their “senior moment” while merely shrugging at me in sympathy when I book a plane ticket for the wrong date. These are not senior moments, they are human moments. They may or may not increase as we get older, yet our loved ones worry more about us, and we may worry more about ourselves.

We all enjoy peace of mind, for ourselves and others. At HoneyCo Homes, we build our system with our users — not for them — so that together we can address the possible issues that may concern someone considering an independent residential option. Working side by side with our clients, we offer confidence and peace of mind to both those making their living arrangement decision and their loved ones.

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