What we do.

The HoneyCo Homes non-invasive technology allows users to easily manage physical tools in the home.

Features include automatic stove shut-off, motion monitoring, and automatic door locks to make homes smart and safe.

How we do it.

The platform connects appliances and devices throughout the house, passively collecting and analyzing activity, so you know when everything is just fine and when it's not.

HoneyCo makes things simpler, more convenient, and safer for residents without disrupting their daily routine.

Why it matters.

Alerts notify the resident and caregivers of issues in the home, while text messages can be sent when unusual events are detected.

The result is peace of mind for all, and faster response time if an emergency arises.

We have you covered.

HoneyCo Homes reviews hundreds of devices to deliver you the best-in-class hardware for you and your home.

Say goodbye to confusing instruction manuals and intimidating technology. We install and routinely maintain your system for a worry-free experience.

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