What we do.

The HoneyCo Homes software uses non-invasive smart home technology to care for older adults choosing to live independently.

HoneyCo transforms any home into one that is more age-in-place suitable.

How we do it.

HoneyCo uses smart home devices to connect with its proprietary software, the Internet of Caring Things (IoCT), to create a non-invasive view of the home.

The platform passively collects and analyzes data from these devices to determine if there's concerning activity in the home, and notifies residents and caregivers, decreasing response times and improving outcomes.

Why it matters.

HoneyCo alerts residents and caregivers only when unusual events are detected in the home. The result is peace of mind for all.

With HoneyCo, both residents and loved ones can make the decision to age-in-place with confidence.

We have you covered.

HoneyCo Homes reviews hundreds of devices to deliver you the best-in-class hardware for you and your home.

Say goodbye to confusing instruction manuals and intimidating technology. We install and routinely maintain your system for a worry-free experience.

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