HoneyCo For Families

HoneyCo is a non-invasive, user friendly software that collects information from smart devices throughout the home to provide resident activity summaries, wellness trends, and proactive alerts so that Caregivers and loved ones are prepared to take action should a concerning event arise.

In addition, with HoneyCo, you will gain insights into care visits to ensure your loved one is receiving the level of care that they need and deserve.

Automated Alerts

HoneyCo’s system detects concerning events in the home, and automatically alerts those who need to know so they can react quickly and appropriately

Real-Time Insights

Using HoneyCo's wellness reports, you can now proactively identify changes in activity levels, bathroom usage, and sleep patterns so you can be sure your loved one is consistently receiving the attention they deserve

Smart Home Functionality

HoneyCo supports many of the latest smart home devices, so you can increase livability with automated lighting, door locks, or even stove shutoffs, all from one intuitive platform

Real people. Real stories.

"Having the HoneyCo system in my mother’s home has provided such comfort and peace of mind for both of us. Rather than worrying about her all the time, I can feel confident my mother is doing well based on her activity. The alerts notify me if a there is a problem, and I can take action. I can easily check in on my mother and see that her movements are normal without it being invasive for her. The app is very easy to use. I truly believe HoneyCo has saved my mother’s life on more than one occasion."

- Allison L.

Daughter of HoneyCo Resident

Have confidence in your loved one’s decision to age in place

Have confidence in your loved one’s decision to age in place

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